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What to carry on safari to Kenya

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To maximize your Kenya trip, booking a trip is just the beginning. There are quite a few things to consider to ensure that you fully experience your Kenya safari. Knowing what to pack for a Kenyan safari is not always the easiest thing to do. Consider whether you need clothes for hot weather or cold? Should you bring any types of medication? Is there anything you can take with you to get the most of your safari experience? Below are some of the things you should pack for a Kenyan safari:

You should pack loose and comfortable clothing with you on the safari, as you will be in your vehicle most of the time. Try and stick to beige or khaki colored clothes to ensure that you are not attracting any unnecessary attention from insects such as Tsetse flies with the brightness of your clothing.
You will need a fleece for when it gets cold - which is in the morning especially if you do an early morning game drive and at night; when it gets colder by the evening. A comfortable pair of shoes or boots will ensure your feet are safe and well protected throughout the period of your safari.

On a Kenyan safari, you will come across many animals which are too far in the distance for you to see. Looking through binoculars not only lets you see the animals which are a mere dot in the distance, but it also allows you to see the finer details, such as the pattern on the body of a leopard or cheetah.

The best thing about a Kenya safari is the chance to shoot pictures. If you do not own a camera, please purchase one before you leave for the safari and have some good practice with it. Every camera is different in terms of operation, and sitting in your safari jeep in front of a pride of lions is not the best time to read the user manual of your camera. So, practice before you leave.

Though much of the information is accessible over the internet, having a guidebook in your hand is still a precious asset. Browse the guide books before you leave or while taking your breakfast. The images you will find in the guidebook will boost your excitement.

Pack light
The possibilities are that you will be touring by a plane to your Kenya safari lodge, so a light backpack is favored, indeed there are often weight restrictions. In many luxury African safari lodges, there will be a daily laundry service. And In many, this service is included in your rate, so take advantage of this, you do not need a full week's worth of outfits.
By doing some homework and preparing yourself for the wild adventure and not to say carrying the right clothing you can make your Kenya safari experience more enjoyable.

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