Amazingly Kenya is our country and we are more than excited to call it home. A great feeling that we are ready to share to our guests. A decade ago, Eunice after working for the tourism sector for more than 15 years in the best hotels and camps came up with an idea to share her experience with her guests. She begun the small company Africa Unike Adventures and Safaris in Mombasa providing only excursions within the city and since then it has expanded to the East Africa countries.

Eunice Kanyiva Kaveke - Travel and Safari Specialist


Purity Mueni - Travel Specialist  


Our Vision
To be one of the leading tour operator in Kenya and Africa at large while conserving the environment.

Being good listeners and quick response to our clients either informational or inspirational is the heart of our administration. That’s why we love our clients to come up with their own program depending on what they would want to see and experiences, the number of days or nights they would love to be on safari and any other special needs that need to be addressed. Hence, we take time to know our clients and their expectations. This is governed through core values.


1. Dedication & Commitment
We are dedicated to provide quality and unforgettable memories during the safari and to this we vow our commitment in GOD we trust.

2. Clear Definition
We have an obviously characterized methodology with respect to responsibility, straightforwardness, and best travel hones.

3. Education of clients
We are dedicated to educating our clients on the best Africa's unique flora and fauna attract visitors from all over the world, cultural and natural practices.

4. Accountability
We are responsible to ensure that our clients today and clients to come have more than an experience in Africa. To ensure that our land, people, animals and cultural practices are held to protect the flora of the land.
These sustainability ethics have helped us to come with a critic that led to development of AUAS team. A group of tour consultants and well 10 years experienced tour guides. Guides who are remarkable at their profession filled with compassion and love what they do. This team was able to come up with a great list of itineraries which provide great cultural experiences, scenic enrichment and transform unforgettable forays into its unforgettable wilderness experiences.

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